whitefield_moorlandsThe preaching of the word of God is not a story time, an entertaining stand-up routine, an education hour, or a string of thoughtful suggestions.  It is an authoritative word from God for his people today, mediated through the fallible yet qualified and ordained man who preaches.  It must be doctrinal, authoritative, and challenging.  Its content is to come straight from the text of Holy Scripture, without intermixture of merely human thoughts or opinions.  Those who hear are to listen intently and search the Scriptures to validate that that which is preached is truly the word of God for his people here and now, and to respond in faith and obedience to God.  In this way God’s people are brought to life, watered, and grown up to the image of Christ.

We will be going through various key doctrinal passages and books of scripture, in an exegetical and expository manner, over the coming months.


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