Let’s Form a Reformed Church.

Let’s form a Reformed Church in the greater Omaha area that confesses true Scriptural doctrine, worships reverently according to God’s commandments, and takes care of Christ’s flock with a plurality of elders. Who is with us?


Astrologers from the East Bring Him Gifts

Their camels worn and beat, a small cohort of astrology-experts from Persia following a shining light that sparkled, hovering in the clear night sky over the province of Judea finally reached their destination, an a common house.  Gaining entry to the house, they brought gifts fit for a king, of gold that sparkled in the light of the oil lamp, of aromatic frankincense, and spicy myrrh.  A mother watched in wonder as these three men of the East presented their gifts to the toddler on her knee, bowing in admiration.  In this even, the young Hebrew boy, just barely weened from his mother’s milk, Yeshua of Nazareth, was manifested to his mother and stepfather to be the One who would save not only Israel, but the nations beyond, from captivity, not in distant Babylon as their ancestors experienced, but from the even greater bondage to death, sin, and the devil that has enveloped the entire world ever since the fall of Adam in the garden.  He was given gold for a king, frankincense for a priestly anointing, and myrrh to signify the death that he would die for the sin of the world.  This was no ordinary toddler, but the Son of God who is from before the beginning.  He appeared to the nations on that day as their King and Savior, represented by those wise men from the east.  This same Lord Yeshua has appeared to us, saving us from our former state of sin and subjection to death itself.  Come and join us this Lord’s Day, January 4th, at the Reformed Fellowship of Bellevue, as we hear God speak to us from the third chapter of Titus about Christ’s appearance to us that has brought us peace and forgiveness, and given us a hope of eternal life, as we who are saved have all experienced.